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Why You Should Choose Us:

Hurricane Metal Roofing and Remodeling is owned by Cameron and his wife. They are the only contractors in Florida that do not require deposits for projects simply because they’re stable enough to not need your funds to float a project. Unlike other contractors, they don’t take advance deposits for materials and labors. In turn, as a homeowner, or a commercial developer, there’s no anxiety subjected to their clients whereas other contractors subject you to 50% advance deposits with promises that are an uncomfortable liability. Even better, we don’t request any payments until after your city’s inspector has approved our workmanship. This protects you with peace of mind and substantial drama liability when another contractor is holding all your funding. Rather, their contracts simply require payments upon the city inspector’s approvals and your own.

Vital Warranties that other contractors can’t provide:

The value of your roof is without question, the warranty and who is standing behind it. When your camera fails within its warranty period, back to Best Buy no matter what state you’re traveling in. When your roof fails under warranty say 5 years later after its install, you call the roofing company and his doors are closed. No warranty. The reason why is because they were not established or metal roofing experts.

That’s unacceptable with our company’s directive. In turn, we are licensed to install, fabricate and distribute our Metal Roofing Products with Englert, a Global company with 8 locations throughout the USA alone. They’ve been around since 1966 and are the largest, metal roofing experts. See  www.englertinc.com. This protects you in the event of a warranty claim even if our company doors were closed, merged, or relocated.


Englert is one of the few metal roofing companies that offers up to a 25-year limited warranty on all Galvalume™ and painted aluminum roofing material and a 20-to-35 year limited warranty on its coatings.

Further considerations:

  • Substantial insurance reductions due to your roofing system evolving to a Hurricane Certified Roofing Structure.
  • Property value increases since a Hurricane Certified roofing system is a home improvement, not simply a new reroof.
  • It’s the last roofing system you’ll ever buy. No more leaks, no more drama.
  • We perform onsite roof fabrication that eliminates shipping damage, short shipments, sizing errors, and waste.
  • 20 color choices and custom color matching to your sample of preferences . 
  • Miami-Dade Hurricane Certified Metal Roofing Systems to include Aluminum, Copper, and Titanium
  • Substantial Energy Savings (our ULTRA-Cool™ low-gloss coatings are standard for all colors, helping reduce energy bills up to 50%).
  • We  also have aluminum, copper and titanium, and for those who wish to keep the look of Spanish tile, wood shake, and shingles, we have that in metal too! 



Englert is your source for premium metal roofing materials from steel and aluminum, to more exotic materials like copper and carbon steel. ENGLERT is the only company that offers its roll-formed metal standing seam material in both Galvalume and Galvalume Plus. Englert’s metal roofing materials are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable. Each of our materials can earn up to six LEED credits for recyclability, regional material sourcing, and building reuse.

Galvalume® and Galvalume Plus®, which Englert offers exclusively, are produced by coating steel with a special Aluminum-Zinc alloy that provides more than twice the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel by delivering the optimum combination of the features of aluminum and zinc.  Our Galvalume steel, available in 22, 24 and 26-gauge coil.

Aluminum. Because aluminum won't rust it performs particularly well in coastal environments where salt air can cause corrosion, and it is also ideal for re-roof applications because it does not require structural reinforcement.

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Our Mission

Install and support the highest quality metal roofing products available. Offer remodeling services second to none.


Our Values

Our reputation as South Florida's premier roofing and remodeling contractor speak volumes about our exemplary work ethic and first class integrity.


Our Solution

Affordable roofing and remodeling with process-centric application and outside the box thinking combine to give you what you want, at a price you can afford.


We Create a Difference

Versitile installation and payment methods make us South Florida's top choice for roofing and remodeling.

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